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Marc Anderegg

The beginning

Since Marc Anderegg was able to sit down, he moved his fingers to piano music. He began taking classical music lessons at the age of 11 - but his passion was boogie-woogie from the start. "I always wanted to create my own style," he says, knowing that hard work would help pave the way. "I'm a perfectionist! My mother was always happy when I actually stopped practicing at any stage." His father's considerable record collection enabled him to study boogie-woogie in close detail. An old tape recorder helped him - even though it played half a key lower than the key that the pianists were playing in. His countless trips to watch a rock and roll band called "The Jackys" gave Marc Anderegg the opportunity not only to listen, but also above all to watch. His father knew Jacky personally - so it was no surprise that Marc Anderegg made his first public appearance at one of Jacky's matinee performances. Further guest appearances with the Jackys brought him to the attention of a wider public.
Further solo concerts were to follow, and a highlight for the young pianist at the time was his appearance at the 1st Rock'n'Roll and Boogie Woogie Festival at the Kursaal in Berne on 23 May 1987. A short while later, Marc Anderegg signed a record contract, and the Marc Anderegg Trio was launched soon afterwards.

The left hand

Marc Anderegg always wanted to find his own path. "When people hear me on the radio, they always say: 'I'm absolutely sure that it's you that I've heard. I know your way of playing'." From the early days, he was always interested in the left hand - the bass hand - which was always the first thing he learned from a boogie number. It was astonishing to discover the various ways in which pianists played their accompaniment. Over the years, Marc Anderegg took different elements from various bass accompaniment styles, and moulded them together to discover his own new style. His own direction and trademark playing emerged as a result. "When crowds see me live, I hear quite a lot of things, such as: 'I've never seen such a left bass hand!'" The extraordinary figures played by the right hand in combination with the virtuoso-style left hand accompaniment create a high-class boogie inferno. "A strong left hand is important," he explains. "It sets the groove and beat of a good boogie-woogie number." Marc Anderegg has graced the stage now for over 25 years. His career has been notable for countless live shows in Switzerland and abroad, as well as radio and TV appearances. His successes have stretched from Indonesia (Bali, Java) to Denmark and Germany. A composer as well as a musician, his immediately recognisable sound comes through in his numerous own compositions, which can be heard on five CD releases so far. More CDs are in the pipeline. As a solo artist, playing in a duo or trio, or with guest musicians, Marc Anderegg is, and will remain a guarantee for straight- line und rousing boogie-woogie sounds. There's only one thing left to say - The Show Must Go On!

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