The Band

Marc Anderegg (piano)

Mark Chaplin (bass/vocals)

Mario Lepore (drums)

After playing a number of solo concerts, Marc Anderegg set up a duo in 1989. He found an outstanding drummer in Mario Lepore. His rock-oriented style of playing fitted perfectly with Marc Anderegg's boogie-woogie style. The duo was to soon become a trio. English bass player and singer Mark Chaplin joined in 1991 - his groove-filled and straight-down-the-line accompaniment rounded out the sound with feeling. It soon became clear that this line-up was ideal - especially in terms of feeling and finesse. Since then, Marc Anderegg has been backed by a musical unit that has excelled with its enormous experience and temperament. The Marc Anderegg Trio have travelled the national and international road. Countless live shows, allied to radio and TV appearances, have helped this excellent band gather further experience. The band's musical style has also kept evolving. Rock and roll, rhythm & blues and boogie - with a hint of jazz and funk - have found their way into the repertoire, alongside the traditional boogie-woogie and blues elements. "I hope we can keep on getting the crowds out of their seats for many years to come," says Marc. Keep on Boogie-ing!
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